Withnail and Garai / Any News on Sleddale ?

Post your pics and stories of your visits to the various locations from the film.

Withnail and Garai / Any News on Sleddale ?

PostPosted by Trainedactorreduced » Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:58 pm

My boys, my boys

I have been woefully absent from the forum of late, I trust you will all prepare yourselves to forgive me.

A chance life changing visit to the theatre to see Romola Garai in Chekhov's "Three Sisters" has thrown me on a crazed quest into a Romolaresque multiverse seeking out wonderful films such as " I Capture the Castle" and "Glorious 39" (which I would heartily recommend to you all). I freely admit my only previous experience of Chekhov was in Star Trek and that I only went 'cos she was it it but it totally rocked. "Lifelong frustration, unrequited love, partings with no hope of reunion", bring it on !. I challenge any man not to be moved by the sight of Romola draped over a couch with "Feel like Makin' Love" by Bad Company blasting out of the PA !. Have been blogging and tweeting ever since:

http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuse ... =530281800

I mean check this out, was there ever a more magnificent woman, perhaps the last island of beauty in the world !

http://www.lovefilm.com/interviews/Glor ... mola-Garai


Anyway, I digress, does anyone have any update on what is going down at Sleddale these days since Seb lost out and the other guy bought it ?. Not been up there for a while, should get off my arse and check it out instead of watching 4 episiodes of "Emma" back to back.

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