Let's ask all this for the 30th anniversary edition

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Let's ask all this for the 30th anniversary edition

PostPosted by peudent » Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:31 am

There's bound to be some kind of release for the 30th anniversary in 2 years time (or 3, depending on whether you count the filming or the release), So i think that this could, nay SHOULD be included....-

1. A new remaster - the last one ran slow (easy to tell from the audio of Jimi's songs), and the audio overall i thought sounded empty, almost like there were digital effects on it. Straight mono, with crystal clear visuals please.

2. REAL unseen footage - The sword fencing scene for a start.

3. Now, i have no idea if this does still exist, but don't you think there would be audition videos made? These may still be around.

4. Genuine outtakes - I'm not having that all the unused film, i.e mistakes or re-taken scenes, have all been destroyed.

5. A proper Q&A session with BR, McGann & Grant in front of an audience.

well, i'd buy it.
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Re: Let's ask all this for the 30th anniversary edition

PostPosted by Making Time » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:23 pm

I'd go for everything except #5. They've been interviewed up the wazoo about this film forever, and there's nothing they'll say about it that they haven't said before. The interviews are great in "Withnail and Us", on the dvd they've already put out (which also include Ralph Brown and lots of other folks involved in the film). Instead of interviewing BR and the actors again, they should interview Tim, who bought Crow Crag (Sleddale Hall), and include a video tour of what it looks like now.
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Re: Let's ask all this for the 30th anniversary edition

PostPosted by Withwine and I » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:46 pm

6. The entire drinking game in bottle form. They've already put an 18 Certificate on the last one because of that sweary extra, so they can bundle it with some booze and sell it in off-licenses.
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