An antipodean in the motherland.

Post your pics and stories of your visits to the various locations from the film.

An antipodean in the motherland.

PostPosted by Winston Wolfe » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:22 am

Thought I should get around to posting some photos of my W&I pilgrimage, considering it is nearly 2 years ago...

Mrs Wolfe was in London for a conference, so I spent the week on foot, avoiding all of the usual tourist traps. No ferris wheels or anything like that. I found the bookshop from Black Books and the bloke running the joint made Bernard Black look like sunshine. I went to Abbey Road, but did not cross the crossing. Walked 100km in 5 days. Happy with that.

Anyway, I headed north to Regents Park & started having a little walk around. Feeling somewhat lost finding nothing particularly familiar I took a seat to do some research, found a still of Withnail and Marwood sitting on a green bench, with some monument in the road at the top of the hill. Third bench down, on the very seat I was resting on.


I then walked off in this direction.


But not before wandering back to the fence. I'm guessing this is roughly the site of the soliloquy?


Mrs Wolfe laughed at me every time I said I was going to go out to Milton Keynes to see the Tea Rooms and pub, and in the end I never made it.

Everyone we spoke to thought we were nuts. We caught the train to Cambridge (Mrs Wolfe spent a few childhood years there), picked up a car heading north to Aberdeen. Driving? To Aberdeen? Crazy, why don't you just get the train? Well, the train doesn't go to Bampton.

We went for a drive down the road to Wet Sleddale, knowing that we couldn't get to the house, and even if we could it would be rude to drop in unannounced (We weren't exactly organised), then headed into Bampton for a quick squizz before staying the night in PEN-RITH.

Now Bampton isn't a big place, but neither does it have any mobile data reception, so again, unorganised, we were flying blind. At first the only phone booth we could find was this.


But then, we found this.


A lovely couple walked past with their granddaughter while we were there. Gave a smile and cheery hello as they walked past. The gentleman then turned around and said "Would you like me to take a photo with both of you with the booth?" After a brief conversation he said that he and his wife were standing with the rest of the town on top of the hill watching them film.

We stayed at the Brantwood Hotel in Penrith, and would happily do so again.

Next morning, better prepared we went here:


And I'm gonna be a star!!!

We then got buzzed by a RAF fighter jet on a low pass. By the time I got my wits about me and my camera pointed in the right direction it was out of sight.

Well, that's that.

I guess going by past performance, I'll see you all in about 4 years.

Chin chin.
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Re: An antipodean in the motherland.

PostPosted by McFuck » Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:52 pm

Oi you lucky bastard! You may never play the Dane but you are indeed a star!

Someday, maybe after I win the lottery, I will make the pilgrimage.
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